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Detailing notes:

Pricing is based on “average” condition for each vehicle.  Excessive dirt, trash, pet fur or other items will be subject to a sur-charge. we can review that with you on the phone or stop by for visual inspection

Prices based on factory equipped vehicles. Added items such as truck caps, ground effects or tonneau covers may be subject to a sur-charge.

We cannot  buff, seal, or detail paint that is worn out or where the clear is flaking or de-laminating.  

When buffing we try to remove as many light scratches and swirls as possible, but, we have to work within the allowed time.  Paint "correction" is a process that carefully removes and restores a deep shine - this can take many many hours and would be quoted separately.  

We are bonded and insured. We are only responsible for factory equipment as we cannot control the quality of paint or installation of aftermarket products.

We make every effort not to use more water on the interior than necessary, there are very good cleaning products on the market now and we use them where possible.  Excessive water just takes longer to dry and can leave an odor or mold in some cases.  Customers often call back and say "my carpets are clean but not wet can you do them again" and we like to explain why they may not be wet.  

Floor mats can often be left in the trunk after we are done to let the carpets dry as needed.

We do not detail / steam the engine unless requested as we do not assume liability for water / electrical damage.  If you want the engine cleaned, we will spray a mild de-grease to the top surfaces and power wash from the top.  This is not a steam clean to all components but it will look nice when you open the hood.  You will assume liability for any water related issues to the engine and electronics

We make every effort to identify pre-existing blemishes, but we cant see everything.  We are honest and fair, our business will not survive if we hide damage from you.

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