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Sun & Shade was established in 1988 and we have been fortunate enough to grow steadily over the years with amazing partners like 3M, Optimum Polymer, Premium Shield, Ardex and many others.  

We pride ourselves on vendor certifications and training, achieving the highest level of training offered by each company we represent.

We take pride in excellent customer service, quality and integrity both to the customer as well as our suppliers.  We are accessible through most methods of contact, we have remote access to our store for special drop off and pick up situations, we have rental cars available for your convenience and currently a staff of eight to provide you with an excellent experience.  


We are not a new or small company, shop with confidence!

Sun & Shade Team

We specifically carry 3M Window Tint, 3M Paint Protection Film, 3M Vinyl and 3M Automotive Care Products.  Other services we provide are Ceramic Coatings, Wraps, Lettering, Automotive Detailing, Headlight Restoration and Wheel Repair

Sun & Shade 3M Pro Shop
Sun & Shade Waiting Room
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