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Optional Detailing Services:

  • Over spray Removal: $50.00/hr. quoted based on our estimate case by case

  • Cabin Air Filter $49.00

  • Extra set of floor mats cleaned $20.00

  • Leather Clean & Condition $20.00 we clean dirt out of the pores and creases, dress and condition the leather to retain its natural moisture and prolong its life.

  • Line Paint Removal Panel $30.00

  • Odor Bomb Interior $79.00

  • Undercarriage Power Wash (add to detail) $19.99

  • Remove Seats $50.00

  • Remove Wheel Clean Back (ea.) $20.00

  • Headlight Restoration $79.00 set

  • Wet Sand Panel $29.00

  • Pro Tire Shine Satin $39.99

  • Pro Tire Shine Gloss $ 49.99

Pro Tire Shine: this is a pro resin sealant that takes about 2 hours to apply.  This will last 6-9 months and retain the shine with normal use and normal cleaning.  One coat is satin black a second coat would be glossy.

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