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Ceramic Shield Coatings


Ceramic Shield and Ceramic Shield Plus are a unique blend of each of the other two technologies: without the big cost or big brand name.  We use these exact products on our own vehicles, the shine and protection are amazing, yet we consider it a value coating.  Available in 2-year and 3-year warranty, no maintenance coats and same day application.

Ceramic Shield

Ceramic Shield Coating Packages

This is a great product to protect your vehicle if you lease or turn over your cars every few years. You are not buying the warranty for 7+ years but you still receive the perks of a real ceramic coat. The benefits of Ceramic Shield are the same as our other brands, ease of cleaning, hydrophobic properties, water shedding, protection from the environment and of course, gloss!


Prices start at $399 for Ceramic Shield and $599 for Ceramic Shield Plus.  Larger vehicles increase in $100 increments based on size.  We can help you decide, and you can use our online schedule tool to make your appointment today!


We also offer Ceramic Shield Leather, the same proven protection for your soft leather, starting at only $299. This coating also gives UV Protection and water shedding in case you spill the morning coffee, or the kids are overly excited about that happy meal.

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